Tisbe is an independent consultancy service, based in New Zealand, providing advice and support for aquaculture development. We specialise in:

Farming system development and design:

With over 20 years experience in aquaculture R&D in New Zealand and worldwide, we have worked with a large range of aquaculture systems. Based on this broad experience Tisbe can help you to critically assess system designs, and troubleshoot technical issues. We can advise on new technology options or provide you with innovative solutions to keep your marine farming business on track.

Identifying and supporting new development opportunities:

Starting a new aquaculture venture can be a daunting task. Choosing appropriate species, sites, research support and technology providers is a minefield for new investors and established companies alike. Drawing on extensive experience of a wide range of species and technologies we will support and guide you through the important start up phases of your business, providing independent advice that will empower you to select the development options that will suit you best.

Aquaculture planning and strategies:

Whether you are planning a new aquaculture development on a local scale or a national scale, having a strategy is essential for efficient growth and environmental sustainability. We have developed strategies for a range of organisations in New Zealand and overseas and we can help you to develop a flexible and effective plan that maximises development opportunities.

Sustainable production practices:

As consumers become more environmentally aware, sustainability has become a key marketing tool for aquaculture businesses. We can assess and improve the environmental credentials of your business and advise on the right certification scheme for you, enabling significant competitive advantage in the market place.

Finding and securing research and development funding:

Industry often leads the way with innovation, but finding funds to investigate or develop new technologies can be a long and frustrating process. Having secured millions of dollars of R&D funding in New Zealand and overseas we are able to assist you with developing a research plan, identifying appropriate funding agencies and writing and submitting funding applications.

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